Below you’ll see a few examples of our installations, with their size and price to give you an idea of the cost involved for different options.  Price includes supply and installation of the window art. Contact us today to find out more, or use our pricing calculator to estimate your own requirements.

Window Art 5

1452mm x 2005mm = R2330.00+VAT

Window Art 1

678mm x 2128mm = R1160.00+VAT

Window Art 3

670mm x 1710mm = R920.00+VAT

Window Art 7

3305mm x 2345mm = R6210.00+VAT

Window Art 2

3411mm x 1200mm = R3280.00+VAT

Window Art 6

939mm x 1103mm = R830.00+VAT

Window Art 4

1257mm x 4725mm = R4760.00+VAT

Window Art 8

1650mm x 1950mm = R2580.00+VAT

Window Art 9

2270mm x 2725mm = R4950.00+VAT