Frosted vinyl decals are perfect for bathrooms because they offer ample privacy yet still allow for natural light to stream in from outside. Unlike decorative sandblasting, frosted vinyl decals will not become transparent when wet. In fact, they remain opaque at all times and your privacy will never be compromised.

The vinyl frosting offers a 10 year guarantee which will not be affected by steam or heat when applied in your bathroom area.

Choose a frosted vinyl design that will complement the style palette in your bathroom and use it across all windows, glass doors and mirrors for a unified look.

Bathroom Glass Vinyl Stickers Gallery

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One of the best benefits of vinyl art is that it does not become transparent when wet. This means that you can use it for privacy and design purposes in your shower and make use of glass doors, without worrying about prying eyes. Using frosted vinyl on your shower doors allows you to choose your level of privacy – the more frosting used the more private the area.


Your bathroom is the one room where your fixtures and fittings should be sleek and contemporary, with the use of vinyl art on your windows and glass you can create a contemporary and unified look.

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