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We can also assist with customized printing of designs or company logos, should your client be interested in a more personalized solution.

Should your clients be interested in traditional sandblasting, there are a few important factors to consider. Please see the table below for the benefits of frosting compared to traditional sandblasting and to illustrate why vinyl frosting is the better solution:

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Window Art Vinyl Frosting Vs Traditional Sandblasting

Window Art Vinyl FrostingTraditional Sandblasting
Vinyls are quick and easy to fit to existing glass, and do not damage or weaken glass.Sandblasting damages & weakens your glass surface.
Vinyl frosting is applied at your home or office, without the need to remove glass and leave you with a security risk.Sandblasting cannot be applied on toughened glass examples: sliding door and balustrades.
There is no mess – our experienced and professional installation team preps and cleans everything.Sandblasted glass doesn’t offer any UV protection or insulation benefits.
Vinyl is designed to resist fingerprints, grease and grime.Sandblasted glass shows fatty marks due to the microscopic holes in the glass, which traps dirt.
Vinyl frosting is a much more cost-effective option.The chemicals used in the sandblasting process are harmful to the environment.
Vinyl frosting can easily be removed should you change your mind about the frosted look or feel the need to change your design.When wooden frames are varnished it stains the sandblasted glass which cannot be removed.
Vinyl slows the transfer of heat and UV rays, which fade furniture, carpets and curtains.Most insurance companies do not cover sandblasted glass as it’s not consider a safer solution as it weakens the glass. Insurance companies do not cover heal damage. Sandblasting remains a labour intensive and messy procedure. It permanently alters the state of your glass, cannot be performed on site and doesn’t offer many of the benefits that window vinyl frosting does.
Vinyl filters 95% of harmful UV rays and helps to retain warmth in the winter.In general Sandblasting is a more expensive & poses a safety risk as the glass must be removed and taken back to their workshop which takes several days to complete.
The vinyl frosting reduces the glare of the sun and making comfortable to work or watch TV.Outdated process.
Window Art offers a 10-year guarantee on our vinyl.Should the glass break during the sandblasting process the client is held responsible for the purchase & replacement of a new glass panel.