Throughout Window Art’s experience working in the corporate sector with a variety of businesses, we have managed to transforms a simple sheet of frosted vinyl into a suitable design for any office space which is pleasing and inspiring to staff and clients.

Whether you want to display your logo on your entrance, an intricate design on your boardroom glass or lettering on public bathroom mirrors, you can enjoy the appearance of sophisticated etching without having to permanently alter your glass.

Benefits of Window Art

  • Personalise your offices with your branding
  • Window Art can suggest a design to suit your business image
  • Existing Window Art vinyl can be easily removed should the business move from the premises
  • Unlike sandblasting, using vinyl stickers will not weaken the glass
  • Long lasting and guaranteed for 10 years

Our Window Vinyl Stays In Place For As Long As You Need

If you use window vinyl in your office space it will remain in place for as long as you need. However, should you go through a rebranding exercise and require a design or logo update, the vinyl is easily removed and replaced by us within the same day.

We Can Custom-Design Frosted Vinyl For Your Business

We can create frosted vinyl decals in your company logo, slogan, imagery and font to meet your corporate branding needs. Our in-house designers are happy to create something to your specifications and ensure that your office space is effectively branded.

Our Vinyl Frosting Can Be Used In Any Type Of Business

We have successfully attended to the needs of various different businesses. We have worked on different areas such as reception rooms, meeting rooms, shop windows, office entrances, glass partitioning in open-plan offices, boardrooms, and bathrooms.

Corporate Branding

Frosted glass is one of those timeless décor elements that add a level of prestige and sophistication to any room or location. Any piece of glass in your office or business, whether it’s a door, window, mirror or glass partition, can be branded. This branding looks both attractive and acts as a piece of advertising. Our window vinyl stays in place as long as you need it, but can be removed at a later date without any damage to the glass surface.


Glass-walled boardrooms are a popular trend allowing for an abundance of natural light and a pleasant open feeling, but leaves you with other challenges like excessive glare and the need for privacy. Boardrooms serves a multitude of purposes from staff meetings to more private meeting with clients where privacy is required.


Office Dividers

Contemporary designed offices calls for the popular use of glass office dividers. Window Art provides much-needed privacy yet still allows for natural light to filter through the open plan office. A glass-enclosed meeting room or boardroom can be as private as you want and still allows for an unsurpassed sense of openness and collaboration.


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