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Frosted Window Film for Contemporary Glass Design
April 25, 2017

Window tinting applied to glass doors | WindowArt

Frosted window vinyl is an effective and attractive way to apply window tinting to your windows and glass doors.

The honeycomb design chosen by this client affords the family a very high level of privacy

Window tinting designs that offer this level of privacy are ideal for properties that don’t have a wall shielding the residents from the outside world. Even when there is a wall surrounding the property, very large windows or glass doors can leave occupants feeling exposed, especially if they are on the second or third storey of the house.

Besides offering occupants the privacy they need, window tinting with frosted window vinyl acts as an effective burglar deterrent. Opportunist thieves often ‘window shop’ and most smash and grab incidents are a result of burglars being able to spot valuable items through windows or glass doors. Obscuring outsiders’ view of the interior of your home – and the iPad lying on the dining room table – will make it less tempting to potential thieves.

While this particular honeycomb design completely obscures outsiders’ view, frosted window vinyl designs can be tailored to provide a lower level of privacy. If you only need to partially obscure outsiders’ view, window tinting can be limited to only the bottom half of glass doors, leaving the top half transparent. This is a great option for windows and doors on the second storey of a house.

Apart from providing privacy, window tinting with frosted window vinyl softens the effect of harsh, direct sunlight and blocks out UV rays without completely eliminating natural light.

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