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In today’s home and office design, we utilise more glass than ever before. The main reason for this is a move to allowing for more natural lighting, which saves on the high costs of lighting and air conditioning. As a home or business owner, you can now enjoy all the benefits of natural lighting by adding Window Art’s top quality window vinyl frosting to your glass features:

  • Vinyls let in 93% of natural light whereas blinds only let in 75-80% of light.
  • Frosting filters 95% of UV rays which fade carpets and curtains.
  • It saves energy by keeping out summer’s heat.
  • It helps to retain warmth in winter.
  • It softens harsh sunlight by diffusing the glare, allowing just the right amount of light into a room.
  • Natural light adds to a comfortable living and working environment.
  • Wide range of designs (link to Design gallery) to choose from, or create your own custom design.
  • Have the timeless, premium look of sandblasting at a great price, without damaging or weakening the glass – as sandblasting does.
  • Play around with different designs every few years – vinyls are easy to apply and remove.

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