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Frosted Window Film for Contemporary Glass Design
April 25, 2017

Vinyl Glass Frosting for Meeting Rooms | WindowArt

Glass-walled meeting rooms are popular design features but with the abundance of natural light and pleasant open feeling comes other challenges like the glare of the sun and a need for privacy. Meeting spaces have to serve a multitude of purposes. When it’s just you meeting with your staff, a nice open feeling is great but when you conduct sensitive meetings, or want to shield one client’s meeting from another, it’s important to know that you can enjoy the right amount of anonymity.

Meeting Room Glass 1
Meeting Room Glass 2
Meeting Room Glass 3
Meeting Room Glass 4

With Window Art’s elegant vinyl coverings, the frosting of meeting rooms is quick, easy and attractive, with many benefits:

  • Decide on how much frosting you want (can’t see anything) versus gaps where you can see a little bit of detail.
  • Wide range of designsto choose from.
  • Enjoy complete privacy and only see a shape of someone standing half a metre from the glass (no colours or detail).
  • Allow soft, natural light to filter through.
  • Enjoy the benefits of plenty of natural light.
  • Reduced energy consumption because of lower electricity use.
  • Professional and classy look that lightens the entire workspace.
  • Option to use your meeting room walls for internal marketing.
  • Option to use your meeting room walls as glass writing boards.
  • Vinyls are easy to wipe clean (water and any window cleaner). Cleaning won’t damage the vinyl.
  • Have the timeless, premium look of sandblasting at a great price, without damaging or weakening the glass – as sandblasting does.
  • Play around with different designs every few years – vinyls are easy to apply and remove.

Interested in installing window vinyl frosting in your business or office? Then use our easy Pricing Calculator to work out an estimate or read up more about How it works.