Vinyl decals make for an exceptional office space | WindowArt

Frosted Window Film for Contemporary Glass Design
April 25, 2017

Vinyl decals make for an exceptional office space | WindowArt

Your office space deserves to be one that is filled with inspired décor and design. It should be an environment your staff enjoy spending time in, especially when you consider that they spend approximately eight hours a day in this space. There are many different ways to make an office environment one that has a positive impact on your employees and inspires a feeling of wellbeing.

Time and time again we have heard about how glass is a popular structural material used in modern offices and how it plays a role in creating a gorgeous work environment.

If your office structure makes use of a lot of glass you are set to benefit greatly. Glass allows for natural light to enter your interior which thwarts the need for artificial lighting. It also allows you to enjoy the view and blurs the lines between the green outdoors and your interior which is ideal if you want your staff to feel calm and in happy spirits. Even if your view is not necessarily spectacular, being able to see outside and having easy access to the outdoors is a great way of encouraging wellness in your employees.

Glass is often used as an indoor structural material. Glass walls and rooms are commonplace in many modern office designs and this leans towards the idea of collaborative work space. Collaboration, hot-desking and doing away with isolated office spaces is a hip and happening trend in the corporate community. However, many business owners find this difficult to implement when many of their employees need a quiet space to complete their work or might prefer a designated work space. By using glass as a building material for your interior layout you are able to offer designated work stations, quiet areas for those who need it and even boardrooms. Through this, you are creating a traditional office space that doesn’t feel isolated and doesn’t make your employees feel boxed in.

With all this glass, there is the concern of privacy that is a necessity in a corporate setting.

Your office environment is not all fun and games and while many business owners like the idea of glass they hold dear the idea of privacy. Because when business gets serious privacy is key. Window Art knows a little something about attending to privacy needs while still wanting to use glass as a predominant material in your interior layout. We have frosted vinyl decals that can suit just about any environment and we have completed many a successful installation of frosted vinyl decals in corporate environments that have specifically attended to their privacy needs.

Frosted vinyl decals are ideal for the modern office space. They are quickly and easily applied to the glass and while they allow for 93% of the natural light to still stream into your interior, they are completely opaque and remain that way no matter what. Depending on how much privacy you need the vinyl decals can be custom-designed to suit your specific privacy needs as well as interior design needs. Not only do these decals offer up ideal privacy settings, they also protect your interior and staff against harmful UV rays and ward off irritating glare. What’s more, they have insulating properties which means they will lessen your usage of temperature control appliances and immediately assist with diminishing your energy usage and electricity bill.

Frosted vinyl decals can also be used for corporate branding purposes.

Every business should look at their corporate branding as this is vital to creating a work space that inspires and motivates your staff as well as impresses your customers. Frosted vinyl decals are easily customisable so that you can have them designed to specifically match your logo, slogan and the like. This means that you can place frosted vinyl decals across the glass in your office offering a unique design that suits your business perfectly. By branding your work space your company culture, vision and mission statement are clear and distinct to all who enter your premises.

To find out more about vinyl decals for your work space please contact Window Art directly, our team is ready to answer all your questions.

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