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Frosted Window Film for Contemporary Glass Design
April 25, 2017

Top Quality Vinyl Frosting for Window Treatments | WindowArt

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With Window Art’s top quality vinyl frosting, you can provide your clients with window treatments that not only look upmarket and elegant but also come with a multitude of great benefits:

  • Vinyl makes any type of smooth glass shatterproof, offering some protection from vandalism and extreme weather.
  • Have the timeless, premium look of sandblasting at a great price, without the mess or damaging glass.
  • Vinyl frosting is heat and moisture-proof so no need for blinds in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Vinyl makes glass opaque, offering privacy in meeting spaces and from neighbours.

Interested in installing window vinyl frosting at your client’s business or home? Then use our easy Pricing Calculator to work out an estimate or read up more about How it works.