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April 25, 2017

The best alternative to sandblasting for your home | WindowArt

The image above shows sliding doors in a residential home, that open up to the outdoor entertainment area. The braai and Jacuzzi are situated in this area and with a toddler and a pre-teen residing in this home it also doubles up as a playroom for the kids. Due to the high level of foot traffic the owners wanted to ensure that everyone would always be able to see whether the doors are open or closed.

The homeowners looked into decorative sandblasting as an option for these sliding doors.

 After much research and the owners contacting  a number of sandblasting companies, it became apparent that these sliding doors could not be treated with decorative sandblasting. Sliding doors that make use of such large panes of glass cannot be sandblasted as the glass becomes too thin  after the treatment. Decorative sandblasting is an abrasive process which removes up to 2mm off the surface of the glass, thereby damaging and weakening the glass.

The homeowners needed to find an alternative to sandblasting and the most effective option was window vinyl.

The owners are particularly fond of the frosted window style and after finding out that decorative sandblasting was not an option, they were disappointed. Blinds or curtains were certainly not going give the same effect or enhance the space in the same way frosted glass would have. The best alternative to sandblasting is window vinyl and so the homeowners contacted Window Art to find out more about window vinyl as an alternative to sandblasting and about how window vinyl works.

Not only is window vinyl the best alternative to sandblasting, but it also aids in creating a superior home environment.

The owners of this property are extremely happy with the frosted vinyl installation as it has created the exact affect they were initially looking for with decorative sandblasting. But frosted window vinyl, however, has more benefits. For instance, the vinyl allows for natural light to stream through the sliding doors and illuminate the interior area and  retains privacy as it remains opaque even when it gets wet (unlike sandblasted glass). It also protects against harmful UV rays and  has insulating properties which assist with temperature control.

To find out more about using window vinyl as an alternative to sandblasting the glass in your home, please contact Window Art directly.

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