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Vinyl Frosting A wide range of designs can be etched into the vinyl making that particular part see-through. Read more Home Renovations Whether you’re tackling the whole house or just one room, home renovations can be a daunting task. Doing a little planning beforehand, however, will ensure that your renovations go as smoothly as possible.' [...]

Vinyl frosting is a safer alternative to sand blasting for staircase windows | WindowArt

sand blasting Double volume staircase windows present a common problem for homeowners and decorators. This is because while double volume staircase windows are impressive and give homes a grand look – as is evident in the image featured here – some level of privacy is almost always required. Curtains are not a viable option for [...]

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Window frosting When it comes to the uses of window frosting, both commercial and private, the possibilities are endless. We have spoken before about the many ways in which this versatile window treatment can help increase privacy, create a more productive work environment and even enhance your company brand. In this blog, we take a [...]

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Before the advent of innovative glass products like Window Art’s vinyl frosting, sandblasting on glass was a popular choice for both homes and businesses – giving glass an elegant, mysterious look, as well as an attractive alternative to curtains and blinds.  However, sandblasting remains a labour intensive and messy procedure. It permanently alters the state [...]

Window frosting provides complete bathroom privacy | WindowArt

 We need absolute privacy when we’re in the bathroom. Because of this, window coverings are an essential piece of bathroom décor. This is particularly true of bathrooms on the ground floor, where people walking by can easily glance in. Unfortunately, when curtains or blinds are used as a privacy measure, natural light is usually sacrificed. [...]

Featured installation – keeping cool (and green) with frosted glass | WindowArt

As much as we enjoy the sunny South African summers, the sun’s harmful rays pose a serious threat to both your skin and home furniture, while also raising the temperature of your home. In our featured installation, we received a brief from a homeowner moving into a new luxe home which consisted mostly of floor-to-ceiling [...]

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Vinyl frosting is when a layer of top quality vinyl film with a frosted look is applied to any glass surface, for example a window, door, shower screen or glass wall. A wide range of designs can be etched into the vinyl making that particular part see-through. The rest of the covering has a frosted, [...]

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window frosting designs Glass has become a staple feature in home and office environments alike. With the application of frosted window vinyl decals, glass can be turned into a stunning decorative feature. While there are endless options and designs available to choose from, you can also opt to have a bespoke design created to match [...]

A ‘no mess, no fuss’ approach to window frosting installation | WindowArt

Window frosting installation You may be tempted to take a DIY approach to your window frosting installation at work or home. After all, how hard can it be, right? While we’re not suggesting that applying self-adhesive vinyl to a window is rocket science, we do advise your inner DIY enthusiast to consider the following pointers [...]

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