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Job of the week: Decorative window film to adorn a winemaker’s front door | WindowArt

window film The featured installation shown above is of the entryway to the home of a winemaker. The home is situated on the wine farm and has been remodelled to include its old heritage and original foundations, as well as some modern aesthetics. These front doors have glass pane inserts so as to allow for [...]

The evolution of window film in home design | WindowArt

Home Design To be human, is to be curious. We always seek answers to questions, why – because we are inquisitive creatures. For this reason we decided to look back and see how far window film has come over the years. Window film has always been about blocking out unwanted solar heat The concept of [...]

How anti-glare film can protect your staff | WindowArt

anti glare film The sun’s glare is a real problem in many offices, often all year round. No matter whether you are fending off the hot summer sunshine or stark winter glare from a low lying sun, the light streaming through exposed windows can cause irritation and discomfort. Focusing on TV or computer screens becomes [...]

Ultimate showdown: blinds vs. window film | WindowArt

Window Film It's no secret that we have a love-hate (mostly hate) relationship at the mere mention of blinds,  for the simple fact that we know they can be practical (sometimes),  but they don't offer any other benefits. We have all turned into fussy shoppers who take more time to mill over a product before [...]

Window film for privacy purposes | WindowArt

Window film The installation we have showcased in the image above is of a residential home with window film installed on a staircase window. This house overlooks a busy main road in the suburb and the owners were after a window treatment that would offer privacy and look sophisticated, especially because the window is visible [...]

Anti-Glare Film for Windows | WindowArt

Every home or office these days will have a multitude of TV screens, monitors and computers. If these are situated in light-filled rooms, the glare of the sun can (literally) be a big headache. Window Art’s anti-glare film significantly reduces the glare of the sun, making it comfortable to work or watch TV near uncovered [...]

The pros of using window film | WindowArt

window film Considering that you spend the majority of your busy week in your home or in your office, these two areas should be made to feel the most comfortable. Being too hot, too cold and dealing with any kind of discomfort can interrupt the productivity or relaxation levels of anyone. Furthermore, the current trend [...]

Heat Reducing Window Film | WindowArt

In South Africa’s sunny climate, it’s important to know that you can soak up the rays when you want but also block the worst of a summer’s heat. With Window Art’s vinyl heat-reducing window film, you’ll get an attractive alternative to blinds, curtains and shutters, with a wide range of etching designs to choose from [...]

Brand your office with frosted window film | WindowArt

Window film Businesses are constantly evolving, making an effort to improve their offering to their customers. Companies have become just as focused on their staff as they are on their customers, because mounting evidence shows that employee satisfaction equals productivity and profitability. It thus can be said that creating an optimal workspace that is underpinned [...]

Vinyl Anti-Glare Film for Windows | WindowArt

When you are working to a tight deadline or concentrating on a complicated document, there are few things more frustrating than trying to view a computer screen in a sunlit room. Not only is it uncomfortable, it also lowers productivity and ultimately results in unhappy workers. Window Art’s anti-glare film significantly reduces the glare of [...]