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Why bathroom window film is best for privacy | WindowArt

bathroom window film Of all the rooms in the house, you require the most privacy when you’re in the bathroom. Of course, you probably still want your bathroom to have windows that let in natural light. How do you protect your privacy while still enjoying the benefits of windows in your bathroom? Installing bathroom window [...]

Featured Installation: ‘There’s window film on my stoep!’ | WindowArt

Window Film South Africans love to spend their time outdoors, so it makes perfect sense that a lot of effort is put into making our stoeps look gorgeous. They're there for the sole purpose of relaxation, entertaining guests or enjoying an afternoon meal with the family. We have stoep envy We admire our client's beautiful [...]

Attractive and functional frosted glass film applied to bathroom window | WindowArt

frosted glass film The great thing about frosted glass film is that it’s not only attractive, it’s functional, too. One of the most useful attributes of frosted glass film is its ability to provide windows and glass doors with a higher level of privacy. Often, we want the benefits associated with big windows – like [...]

How your business can gain insight from Virgin Active’s innovative use of window film | WindowArt

Window Film Sweating is just one of the awkward things about going to the gym, there's also catching someone's eye while in full beast mode or feeling as if you're the only person among your yoga peers with a bright-red face. We can't do much about the rest, but we can cool things down for [...]

Funky frosted window film applied to sliding doors | WindowArt

frosted window film The funky palm tree design used in these frosted window film decals adds to the overall relaxed feeling of this home entertainment area. Nothing says ‘relax’ like palm trees, and this outdoor entertainment area is all about comfortable, chilled-out entertaining. Complete with a plunge pool, a big outdoor table perfect for family [...]

Coffee shop installation: window film you can almost taste | WindowArt

window film Can you imagine your life without having a cup of coffee in the morning, or anytime of the day really? We’d have nothing to keep us warm during winter and nothing to help us meet our deadlines. Coffee is undoubtedly your most important morning accessory. But with so many cafés to choose from, [...]

Contemporary window film replaces sandblasting in Cape Town home | WindowArt

sandblasting in Cape Town This homeowner chose to install frosted window vinyl decals instead of sandblasting in their Cape Town home. The vinyl frosting decal displays a gorgeous, bold agapanthus design that completely transforms the entrance hall. The agapanthus design is quite unusual as not many people choose to include the agapanthus specifically in their [...]

Get your window film industry insights right here | WindowArt

window film We get asked a lot of questions about our product and we’re glad to answer them. The window film application process isn’t that difficult to grasp, at the base level it entails installation of film onto a glass surface. A design can be chosen from our gallery and applied or a custom design [...]

Three awesome ways to use window tinting in your home | WindowArt

window tinting Window tinting can be achieved with coloured glass film, stained glass, glass etching or frosted window vinyl. With summertime just around the corner, window tinting may just be the ideal way to update your home’s style while maximising sunlight. Using frosted window vinyl is an easy way to implement window tinting into your [...]

Heat reducing window film improves the work environment | WindowArt

heat reducing window film One of the great benefits of frosted window vinyl is that it helps with temperature control. It does this by slowing the transfer of heat through glass. Because frosted window vinyl is able to insulate windows and glass doors in this way, it is often referred to as heat reducing window [...]