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The specialists in high quality window vinyl that transforms any piece of glass into a contemporary natural light solution. Our product provides privacy for your home or business and an attractive alternative to curtains and blinds. For Home Window Art offers show-stopping designs that provide privacy yet let in natural light - view more solutions [...]

Bring some fun into your home with window film | WindowArt

 Window film can be used in a variety of different ways. Because it’s easily designed and cut into a custom-made décor element in the home or the office, it can be used in many creative ways. Here are a few suggestions of creative ways to incorporate window film in areas of your home: In the [...]

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About Our Company Window Art is the leading vinyl frosting company in South Africa. Founded in 2005 by entrepreneur brothers Divan and Ruan Smit, it was the first company of its kind in the country and the first to offer this type of top quality glass frosting. After researching and trialling the very best products [...]

Window film creates insulated glass windows | WindowArt

Window film Glass is a notorious energy-wasting material in buildings. Older homes and buildings that have single-pane glass windows offer very little insulation. But newer buildings have begun to make use of double-pane windows which perform far better than their single-pane counterparts. They actually reduce the loss of heat in the winter months and they [...]

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The possibilities for our window vinyl are endless, and our talented team can help you to maximise the impact of frosted glass doors or windows. Here’s how our fast and professional services works: 1. Browse Designs Take a look through our design gallery for inspiration. Use our pricing calculator to get a cost estimate. Estimates [...]

Why Zuma should have used window film in Nkandla | WindowArt

window film Nkandla is the private home estate of our President Jacob Zuma. The refurbishment and improvement of the estate has been cited as a public controversy as taxpayer’s money was used instead of the president’sown private funds. The president defended the renovations by explaining that the improvements were made specifically for security reasons. The [...]

Window film applied to bathroom windows for privacy and style | WindowArt

window film Here’s one of our favourite jobs from this past week. This bathroom is in a beautiful modern home and has two big windows above the bath. The owners love the big windows but wanted a little more privacy from their neighbours, so they chose to install this great window film design. This is [...]

Keep cool this summer with window film | WindowArt

Window film It’s a time for flip flops, smells of suntan lotion and tropical, cold beverages. The world seems to come alive and moods are lifted, as the summer rings in longer days perfect for spending more time outdoors. But the summer months, of which South Africa experiences in abundance, are also accompanied by the [...]

How window film can be used as an educational tool | WindowArt

window film Whether in a classroom, library, home study or children’s playroom, frosted window film can be used as a fun and creative educational tool. Keep young minds active and engaged with these smart ideas: Use frosted window film to help kids learn numbers, shapes and letters. Use frosted window film to decorate classroom windows [...]

Trending designs that you can use for your frosted window film | WindowArt

frosted window film Plain windows are boring, once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen a thousand. Why not take it a step further? Using frosted window film to spice up the visual appeal and overall ambiance of your home, giving you something to look forward to when you enter your house Here’s what’s trending It seems [...]