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Why Window Decals? | WindowArt

Privacy Window Art provides a contemporary take on privacy glass with our high quality window vinyl frosting. Read more Heat reduction Vinyl slows the transfer of heat through the glass and filters 95% of UV rays, which fade furniture, carpets and curtains. Read more Natural lighting Enjoy all the benefits of natural lighting by adding [...]

Christmas in July with window decals | WindowArt

window decals Christmas in July is a celebration of everyone’s favourite holiday season but in the month of July. In the Southern Hemisphere we want to celebrate Christmas in the cold and experience the cosiness of the fireplace, the warmth of the gluhwein and the smell of a roast while we celebrate with gift-giving and [...]

FAQ’s: understanding window decals part 2 | WindowArt

window decals We’ve had so many questions lately about our window decals service and product offering that we couldn’t possibly fit it all on one blog, read on for more insight into our product offering and be sure to check out what others had to ask in part 1. Q: Can I pay cash on [...]

Brilliant Vinyl Decals for Functional Brainstorming | WindowArt

In contemporary office design and space planning, glass office dividers are and ever-popular choice. They provide much-needed privacy yet allow for natural light to filter through to the open plan office, plus for peaceful views of the outside world to be enjoyed. A glass-enclosed meeting room or boardroom can be as private as you want [...]

Ensure your home is pinterest-worthy with vinyl decals | WindowArt

vinyl decals Vinyl decals are an excellent choice of window treatments. They can be made to suit any type of home and taste palette and are more affordable that other custom-designed window treatments. Designer blinds and curtains abound on the internet but installing these in your home will cost you both time and money, whereas [...]

Vinyl decals caught in action | WindowArt

vinyl decals It’s hard to imagine anyone that doesn’t end their day off without watching a little telly. The question is, why do we love staring at a square box so much? The short answer is it’s pleasurable. We find our quick escapes and for a moment get instantly transported to another world. However, there [...]

Vinyl decals applied to sliding doors | WindowArt

We’ve picked a really fun installation to share with you this week. These vinyl decals were applied to sliding doors that lead from a child’s bedroom to the patio in this family home. We love the playfulness of this butterfly design. The little girl who the bedroom belongs to is fascinated by butterflies, bugs and [...]

Vinyl decals made to fit | WindowArt

This particular home installation showcases just how ‘flexible’ vinyl decals really are. The owner of this home was perplexed as to what to do about these square and triangular (tiny) windows because they posed a threat to his privacy and security. However, he was unable to get rid of these windows as they allowed for [...]

Vinyl etching vs window frosting, what’s the difference? | WindowArt

vinyl etching What did people do before Google? On a daily basis we check in with a million questions. And all we need to do is pop onto our favourite search engine and instantly satisfy our curiosity. However, the internet can also be a treacherous place to find answers because not everything you read on [...]

Creative window decals transform glass into a work of art | WindowArt

window decals The beauty of frosted window decals is that they’re not just useful; they’re also works of art. Just look at the image above; these forest-inspired frosted window decals are absolutely gorgeous. This particular tree design works beautifully here for a couple of reasons. Firstly, we love how the leafless trees, cut out against [...]