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Brilliant Vinyl Decals for Functional Brainstorming | WindowArt

In contemporary office design and space planning, glass office dividers are and ever-popular choice. They provide much-needed privacy yet allow for natural light to filter through to the open plan office, plus for peaceful views of the outside world to be enjoyed. A glass-enclosed meeting room or boardroom can be as private as you want [...]

Window decals to wow your mother-in-law | WindowArt

window decals Your mother-in-law is coming to visit and whether you get on like a house on fire or agree to disagree on most things, you still want to create a good impression. We all tend to feel the pressure of playing host, especially when our in-laws come over. You want to ensure that your [...]

Vinyl decals applied to sliding doors | WindowArt

We’ve picked a really fun installation to share with you this week. These vinyl decals were applied to sliding doors that lead from a child’s bedroom to the patio in this family home. We love the playfulness of this butterfly design. The little girl who the bedroom belongs to is fascinated by butterflies, bugs and [...]

Featured Installation: Vinyl decals on a golf home Tiger Woods would be proud of | WindowArt

Vinyl decals Golf, the age-old gentleman’s game is often jokingly referred to as an  as an acronym that stands for “gentlemen only, ladies forbidden”. Sexist quips aside, however, the truth is that a large number of women enjoy and take an active interest in the game. So it’s hardly surprising that many sporting couples choose [...]

Creative window decals transform glass into a work of art | WindowArt

window decals The beauty of frosted window decals is that they’re not just useful; they’re also works of art. Just look at the image above; these forest-inspired frosted window decals are absolutely gorgeous. This particular tree design works beautifully here for a couple of reasons. Firstly, we love how the leafless trees, cut out against [...]

Walt Disney’s guide to decorating your bedroom using vinyl decals | WindowArt

Vinyl Decals Disney movies have taught us some wonderful and some not so wonderful things throughout the years, Mulan teaches girls that you can be just as strong as any boy, Frozen showed us that we should be comfortable in our own skin. And then there’s Elsa which shows us how to finally get over [...]

Frosted window vinyl adds privacy to glass walls | WindowArt

glass walls One of the best things about glass walls is that they allow tons of natural light into a building and visually connect the indoors with the outdoors. Where there are beautiful surroundings, glass walls also ensure a beautiful view. Sometimes, however, the application of frosted window vinyl is necessary to alleviate some common [...]

Why the most popular brands use window decals | WindowArt

Window Decals A few of South Africa's biggest giants and some of its smaller companies – yet still giants in their own right – all have one thing in common, they use window decals in their office space and we couldn't be prouder. I went on a scouting mission in Gauteng to find these companies [...]

Frosted vinyl transforms glass walls into attractive privacy glass | WindowArt

 The application of frosted window vinyl makes for attractive and safe privacy glass. While the tall, imposing glass walls and door of this house are absolutely lovely, without privacy glass they would have posed a few problems for the inhabitants. Firstly, with this amount of glass, the interior would have been far too exposed to [...]

Case study: How vinyl decals adds a touch of excellence to Monte Casino | WindowArt

 Monte Casino was designed around the concept of an ancient Tuscan village straight from Italy. Rich in Italian flair, it was named after Monte Cassino, a rocky outcrop in south east Rome. The casino houses conference facilities, hotels, stores, restaurants, a theatre and a cinema. How could we take this Italian inspired bombshell and make [...]