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Brilliant Vinyl Decals for Functional Brainstorming | WindowArt

In contemporary office design and space planning, glass office dividers are and ever-popular choice. They provide much-needed privacy yet allow for natural light to filter through to the open plan office, plus for peaceful views of the outside world to be enjoyed. A glass-enclosed meeting room or boardroom can be as private as you want [...]

How vinyl decals help you to win clients and influence people | WindowArt

Your office environment plays a big role in how your company, its culture and professionalism are perceived. To create an ideal office environment you should ensure that the work space is a healthy one and that it underpins your brand. Most people are impressed by an office environment that looks fresh, neat and is a [...]

Why the best interior designers choose vinyl decals | WindowArt

Kitchens and bathrooms are the hottest rooms in the house this year, and the best interior designers are incorporating vinyl decals into home design to give these rooms a cosmopolitan edge. Kitchen remodels have been a big theme of home renovations over the past year, and this trend doesn’t show any signs of stopping. The [...]

Vinyl decals applied to sliding doors | WindowArt

We’ve picked a really fun installation to share with you this week. These vinyl decals were applied to sliding doors that lead from a child’s bedroom to the patio in this family home. We love the playfulness of this butterfly design. The little girl who the bedroom belongs to is fascinated by butterflies, bugs and [...]

Vinyl decals make for an exceptional office space | WindowArt

Vinyl decals Your office space deserves to be one that is filled with inspired décor and design. It should be an environment your staff enjoy spending time in, especially when you consider that they spend approximately eight hours a day in this space. There are many different ways to make an office environment one that [...]

Creative window decals transform glass into a work of art | WindowArt

window decals The beauty of frosted window decals is that they’re not just useful; they’re also works of art. Just look at the image above; these forest-inspired frosted window decals are absolutely gorgeous. This particular tree design works beautifully here for a couple of reasons. Firstly, we love how the leafless trees, cut out against [...]

Why vinyl art is the best thing since sandblasting | WindowArt

Vinyl art In 1870 the first sandblasting machine was built and since then decorative sandblasting has been used on glassed areas throughout many homes, offices and public buildings. Decorative sandblasting has remained a popular glass treatment, but it has its drawbacks that make it a tricky treatment to make use of. The drawbacks of decorative [...]

Frosted window vinyl adds privacy to glass walls | WindowArt

glass walls One of the best things about glass walls is that they allow tons of natural light into a building and visually connect the indoors with the outdoors. Where there are beautiful surroundings, glass walls also ensure a beautiful view. Sometimes, however, the application of frosted window vinyl is necessary to alleviate some common [...]

Featured installation – create the perfect home office with vinyl decals | WindowArt

Vinyl decals As much as it is a pleasure to work from home, there are quite a few challenges that the home office brings with it. Keeping the home, office and head space separate is usually the biggest hurdle, but there are quite a few other things that can cause frustration. One of our clients, [...]

Frosted vinyl transforms glass walls into attractive privacy glass | WindowArt

 The application of frosted window vinyl makes for attractive and safe privacy glass. While the tall, imposing glass walls and door of this house are absolutely lovely, without privacy glass they would have posed a few problems for the inhabitants. Firstly, with this amount of glass, the interior would have been far too exposed to [...]