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Modern homeowners go green | WindowArt

go green Making the effort to go green in your home used to be seen as a massive undertaking. However, recent trends have seen most homeowners adopt, at least some, eco-friendly initiatives in their homes. When you go green in your home you do so with a specific outcome in mind. Creating an environmentally friendly [...]

Eco-friendly design trends for 2014: how glass film saves energy | WindowArt

glass film 2014 design trends are showing a big focus on sustainability and energy saving. We love this trend – our increasingly fragile environment needs all the help it can get. Decreasing your carbon footprint through eco-friendly home design is one way that you can make a positive impact. Applying glass film to your windows [...]

The next step in green design | WindowArt

green design Engaging with the natural world seems top of mind for homeowners and those in the built industry becoming more ‘green’ conscious. Modern design is incorporating green elements constantly in the new designs we see popping up. There’s a definite pull for more authentic, sustainable and environmentally compliant building systems and designs. So, what’s next for [...]

Debunking sustainable living myths | WindowArt

Debunking sustainable living myths We have decided to debunk some typical sustainable living myths. We set the record straight on these four misconceptions: Myth 1: Sustainable living is an expensive practice. Going green in your home does require some capital outlay initially, but these investments typically pay for themselves within about two years by continuously [...]

Energy Efficient Glass Windows with Vinyl Frosting | WindowArt

There are many ways for offices these days to reduce their carbon footprint and green their way of working. One simple way to do this is to relook the energy you waste through your glass features. The glass in windows and doors are notorious energy wasters but with Window Art’s vinyl frosting, you can enjoy [...]

‘Can a window tint make glass more energy efficient?’ and other FAQs | WindowArt

Can a window tint make glass more energy efficient? Yes. One of the downfalls of using a lot of glass in your home or office design is that it can result in a lot of wasted energy. This is because glass isn’t a great insulator. This means that it can get uncomfortably hot inside during [...]

Renewable energy is the hottest topic in Africa | WindowArt

The renewable energy sector in South Africa has been earmarked as the only way for us to curb our burgeoning energy crisis. In a recent blog post  we unpacked the different kinds of renewable energy that can be harnessed to produce the amount of energy that we need. Solar energy has been pinpointed as the favourable [...]

Top 10 energy-saving products for your home | WindowArt

It is often assumed that in order to create a green home you have to renovate extensively or rebuild your home from scratch. In today’s economy money is tight and these are expensive exercises to undertake. Not everyone has the resources to spend, no matter how positive the end result will be. If you are [...]

Go green and save money with these simple tips for your business | WindowArt

go green Corporates are perhaps the biggest energy wasters in the modern world. Massive office parks the world over are sapping copious amounts of electricity for at least eight hours a day of a five day week. This is why it’s becoming more essential to go green in the office space, to not only reduce [...]

Five eco-friendly ideas for your house renovations | WindowArt

house renovations Incorporating eco-friendly innovations into your house renovation plans isn’t just good for the environment – it’s good for your home’s resale value, too. Prospective buyers are increasingly attracted to eco-friendly homes, not only because they tend to have lower electricity bills each month, but also because being environmentally conscious has become fashionable. Whatever [...]