Eco-friendly design trends for 2014: how glass film saves energy | WindowArt

glass film 2014 design trends are showing a big focus on sustainability and energy saving. We love this trend – our increasingly fragile environment needs all the help it can get. Decreasing your carbon footprint through eco-friendly home design is one way that you can make a positive impact. Applying glass film to your windows [...]

What alternative energy means to South Africa | WindowArt

 Alternative energy is a term hanging off the lips of everyone in South Africa as of recently. With the load shedding debacle not showing any signs of letting up soon, new and innovative ways of harnessing energy need to be found. Alternative energy has been a topic of debate for years though, and yet we [...]

The next step in green design | WindowArt

green design Engaging with the natural world seems top of mind for homeowners and those in the built industry becoming more ‘green’ conscious. Modern design is incorporating green elements constantly in the new designs we see popping up. There’s a definite pull for more authentic, sustainable and environmentally compliant building systems and designs. So, what’s next for [...]

‘Can a window tint make glass more energy efficient?’ and other FAQs | WindowArt

Can a window tint make glass more energy efficient? Yes. One of the downfalls of using a lot of glass in your home or office design is that it can result in a lot of wasted energy. This is because glass isn’t a great insulator. This means that it can get uncomfortably hot inside during [...]

Green building techniques to keep you warm this winter | WindowArt

Suddenly the first cold snap of winter arrived with a vengeance. We’ve had to quickly switch up our wardrobes, pull out the goose feather duvets and clean out the fireplace to ready ourselves for the cold. We have written many a blogs about creating a green home (which you can read here , here  and here) but [...]

Renewable energy is the hottest topic in Africa | WindowArt

The renewable energy sector in South Africa has been earmarked as the only way for us to curb our burgeoning energy crisis. In a recent blog post  we unpacked the different kinds of renewable energy that can be harnessed to produce the amount of energy that we need. Solar energy has been pinpointed as the favourable [...]

Five eco-friendly ideas for your house renovations | WindowArt

house renovations Incorporating eco-friendly innovations into your house renovation plans isn’t just good for the environment – it’s good for your home’s resale value, too. Prospective buyers are increasingly attracted to eco-friendly homes, not only because they tend to have lower electricity bills each month, but also because being environmentally conscious has become fashionable. Whatever [...]

Why the best interior decorators use green design | WindowArt

The rise of green consumerism is happening strong and fast. An increasing number of consumers are now considering green factors in every purchase decision they make. Consumers are thinking about their homes in this way too, and many of them choose green design over and above any other type of interior design. This is the [...]

What Twitter can teach us about energy saving | WindowArt

 Twitter is an excellent research tool. It categorises hashtags so users can easily find things. Like a well-organised library of the social media world. With Twitter you are able to keep up on energy saving trends in real time. Among other things, Twitter can also help engage the public in active discussions that will eventually [...]

Use window film to reduce heat and save money | WindowArt

Architectural glass comes with many great benefits. Big windows fill your home or office with natural light. Glass stacking doors connect the indoors with the outdoors in a functional yet stylish way. Windows and glass walls allow us to enjoy beautiful views. Of course, glass does come with some drawbacks. The most obvious drawback of [...]