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Why the best interior decorators use green design | WindowArt

The rise of green consumerism is happening strong and fast. An increasing number of consumers are now considering green factors in every purchase decision they make. Consumers are thinking about their homes in this way too, and many of them choose green design over and above any other type of interior design. This is the [...]

Featured installation: frosted window film in the classroom | WindowArt

frosted window film As the latest technology is brought into our classrooms, space design must support the new digital classroom. These technological advancements have far-reaching consequences on our young minds. Our client, an ambitious teacher noticed the effects the sun had on her students especially when it hit its lowest point, in the afternoon. Whether [...]

How the best interior designers save energy | WindowArt

 The best interior designers not only offer quality service, an effective use of your space and a luxurious result but they also look at ways to save energy. Modern interior designers set out to create a space that will save energy by choosing fixtures, fittings and treatments for you home that are green and environmentally [...]

Alternative energy: What it means for our country and our homes [infographic] | WindowArt

Alternative energy: What it means for our country and our homes [infographic] alternative energy According to Engineering News  wind energy is an ever-growing alternative energy source in South Africa. The South African Wind Energy Association (SAWEA) is touting that 2500 wind turbines should be operating around South Africa by 2020. With the world having just [...]

Environmentally Sustainable office design trends 2014 | WindowArt

office design trends 2014 The office environment is no longer a dreary space segregated by dry walls and partitions separating ‘us’ and ‘them’. Creative, collaborative and communicative workspaces are on the rise. Even better, office design trends in 2014 have shown a growing mind shift towards environmentally sustainable, ‘green’ design. Sustainable design strives to incorporate [...]

The pros and cons of green living | WindowArt

Many homeowners are leaning towards creating a green living space in their homes. The idea of a healthy home is catching on quickly, and many interior designers are adopting a green living approach to the work they do for their clients. While creating a green living space has gained much popularity the idea is not [...]

Save the world with window decals | WindowArt

window decals Would you like to save the world?  Chances are, your answer will always be yes. Are you finding it difficult to maintain a green lifestyle? I assume that you have found various challenges along the way that have left you uninspired – one of those challenges possibly being that it can be a [...]

Eco houses of the rich and famous | WindowArt

Going green in the home continues to be a popular trend. The most popular celebrities on the planet have subscribed to this way of life and their eco houses are fine examples of the best in eco-conscious building technologies. Celebrities are known for their sprawling mansions and often times the bigger the home, the bigger [...]

Here is what’s hot in eco-friendly home design | WindowArt

It’s a new year and being eco-friendly is even more hot and happening than before. If you are keen to become environmentally friendly this year, then read on for some clever tips on how to channel your inner environmentalist and make your home clean and green in 2015. Lighting sets the mood. There is nothing [...]