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How window film can help turn you into an Eco-friendly Jedi in the office | WindowArt

Window Flim It can sometimes feel like our world is morphing into homogeneous sameness as war, peace, global warming, the economic rise and fall of nations all dictate how we think and act. Even corporate office and cubicle spaces are getting harder to tell a part. It’s like we need some kind of Jedi knight [...]

Energy generating solar film could soon be a reality | WindowArt

 Solar energy is not a new idea – it’s been successfully applied to many homes and offices in the form of solar panels, which supply them with water heating solutions and generating electricity. Recently, we have seen this type of energy harnessed through advanced technologies like the generation of electricity through solar film on glass. [...]

Case study: Milan’s vertical green building | WindowArt

window decals Situated in the north of Italy is the great city of Milan, regarded as the country’s capital of business, fashion, music and design. It’s home to the world renowned La Scala Opera house and the Galleria Vittorio Emmanuelle II, one of the world’s oldest shopping malls. And now it’s home to this innovativegreen [...]

What alternative energy means to South Africa | WindowArt

 Alternative energy is a term hanging off the lips of everyone in South Africa as of recently. With the load shedding debacle not showing any signs of letting up soon, new and innovative ways of harnessing energy need to be found. Alternative energy has been a topic of debate for years though, and yet we [...]

Embrace eco-friendly habits for sustainability week | WindowArt

sustainability week Sustainability week brings together a community of investors, business operators, researchers and NGOs, all under one roof to discuss the sustainability challenges facing Africa. Decision-makers put aside realities of the market world for this event, so that they can focus on re-evaluating the cause and effect of their business context. Sustainability week focuses [...]

Home makeover ideas for 2015 | WindowArt

home makeover ideas 2015 is almost upon us. Now is the time to start considering how you would like to update your style in the New Year. As fashion trends come and go so do home makeover ideas. Keeping up to date with the latest styles is one way of ensuring your home is always [...]

Vinyl Window Frosting for Temperature Control | WindowArt

The perfect temperature plays a huge role in the happiness of your work force. Air conditioning can keep everyone working in a pleasant indoor climate but can also mean huge electricity bills. That’s why architects and interior designers favour buildings with a lot of glass features – doors, windows, skylights and more – which make [...]

Green building techniques to keep you warm this winter | WindowArt

Suddenly the first cold snap of winter arrived with a vengeance. We’ve had to quickly switch up our wardrobes, pull out the goose feather duvets and clean out the fireplace to ready ourselves for the cold. We have written many a blogs about creating a green home (which you can read here , here  and here) but [...]

Green design buildings changing the face of Pretoria | WindowArt

Green Design With green buildings now being the law in South Africa, all corporates need to shape up and fast. As green buildings do their part to counter global warming and boost job creation, it’s no surprise why the South African government is pushing for more buildings to be created using the green design technique. [...]

Eco design ideas for non-tree huggers | WindowArt

Eco design is not only for environmentally conscious folk, it’s for everyone. Even if you don’t necessarily subscribe to the ways of the tree huggers, everyone subscribes to the ways of saving money and eco design will prove to be good for your wallet and for your living space. Using renewable resources in your home [...]