Embrace eco-friendly habits for sustainability week | WindowArt

sustainability week Sustainability week brings together a community of investors, business operators, researchers and NGOs, all under one roof to discuss the sustainability challenges facing Africa. Decision-makers put aside realities of the market world for this event, so that they can focus on re-evaluating the cause and effect of their business context. Sustainability week focuses [...]

Top 10 energy-saving products for your home | WindowArt

It is often assumed that in order to create a green home you have to renovate extensively or rebuild your home from scratch. In today’s economy money is tight and these are expensive exercises to undertake. Not everyone has the resources to spend, no matter how positive the end result will be. If you are [...]

Green design buildings changing the face of Pretoria | WindowArt

Green Design With green buildings now being the law in South Africa, all corporates need to shape up and fast. As green buildings do their part to counter global warming and boost job creation, it’s no surprise why the South African government is pushing for more buildings to be created using the green design technique. [...]

Energy Efficient and Eco-Friendly Vinyl Window Frosting | WindowArt

In today’s environmentally conscious world, it pays to take a hard look at every feature in your home to ensure that it is as energy efficient as possible. The glass in windows and doors are notorious energy wasters but with Window Art’s vinyl frosting, you can enjoy great cost and energy saving benefits: Frosting filters [...]

Featured installation: frosted window film in the classroom | WindowArt

frosted window film As the latest technology is brought into our classrooms, space design must support the new digital classroom. These technological advancements have far-reaching consequences on our young minds. Our client, an ambitious teacher noticed the effects the sun had on her students especially when it hit its lowest point, in the afternoon. Whether [...]

Can Cape Town get off the grid with solar panels? | WindowArt

 Load shedding is back and it’s not going away anytime soon. There has been much talk from homeowners and businesses alike about going ‘off the grid’ and producing their own power. Rooftop solar panels are one way to do this, and many countries have successfully managed to generate a good portion of their electricity through [...]

Environmentally Sustainable office design trends 2014 | WindowArt

office design trends 2014 The office environment is no longer a dreary space segregated by dry walls and partitions separating ‘us’ and ‘them’. Creative, collaborative and communicative workspaces are on the rise. Even better, office design trends in 2014 have shown a growing mind shift towards environmentally sustainable, ‘green’ design. Sustainable design strives to incorporate [...]

Create a sustainable living space | WindowArt

Sustainable living is focused on successfully functioning in society without harming the environment or detrimentally affecting any life on the planet. Sustainable living pertains to both private homes as well as professional environments. The connection between architecture and sustainable living is only growing stronger. Architecture and design trends that subscribe to the idea of sustainable [...]

Eco houses of the rich and famous | WindowArt

Going green in the home continues to be a popular trend. The most popular celebrities on the planet have subscribed to this way of life and their eco houses are fine examples of the best in eco-conscious building technologies. Celebrities are known for their sprawling mansions and often times the bigger the home, the bigger [...]