Vinyl Window Frosting for Temperature Control | WindowArt

The perfect temperature plays a huge role in the happiness of your work force. Air conditioning can keep everyone working in a pleasant indoor climate but can also mean huge electricity bills. That’s why architects and interior designers favour buildings with a lot of glass features – doors, windows, skylights and more – which make [...]

Eco design ideas for non-tree huggers | WindowArt

Eco design is not only for environmentally conscious folk, it’s for everyone. Even if you don’t necessarily subscribe to the ways of the tree huggers, everyone subscribes to the ways of saving money and eco design will prove to be good for your wallet and for your living space. Using renewable resources in your home [...]

Go green and save money with these simple tips for your business | WindowArt

go green Corporates are perhaps the biggest energy wasters in the modern world. Massive office parks the world over are sapping copious amounts of electricity for at least eight hours a day of a five day week. This is why it’s becoming more essential to go green in the office space, to not only reduce [...]

How the best interior designers save energy | WindowArt

 The best interior designers not only offer quality service, an effective use of your space and a luxurious result but they also look at ways to save energy. Modern interior designers set out to create a space that will save energy by choosing fixtures, fittings and treatments for you home that are green and environmentally [...]

Vinyl Frosting for Energy Efficient Glass Windows | WindowArt

The glass in windows and doors are notorious energy wasters but with Window Art’s vinyl frosting, you can enjoy great cost and energy saving benefits. Our top quality frosting makes the most of energy efficient glass windows and doors: It saves energy by keeping out summer's heat. It helps to retain warmth in winter. It [...]

The pros and cons of green living | WindowArt

Many homeowners are leaning towards creating a green living space in their homes. The idea of a healthy home is catching on quickly, and many interior designers are adopting a green living approach to the work they do for their clients. While creating a green living space has gained much popularity the idea is not [...]

Green home living: Why Earthships could put an end to global warming | WindowArt

green home From the perfectly situated destination of Taos, New Mexico, it’s home to off-grid green home owners,  who thanks to Michael Reynolds (an architectural mastermind) also known as Mr. Earthship, has sparked a utopia for these people to live out their dreams of wasting less and being satisfied with enough. Join me on this [...]

Here is what’s hot in eco-friendly home design | WindowArt

It’s a new year and being eco-friendly is even more hot and happening than before. If you are keen to become environmentally friendly this year, then read on for some clever tips on how to channel your inner environmentalist and make your home clean and green in 2015. Lighting sets the mood. There is nothing [...]

How window film can help turn you into an Eco-friendly Jedi in the office | WindowArt

Window Flim It can sometimes feel like our world is morphing into homogeneous sameness as war, peace, global warming, the economic rise and fall of nations all dictate how we think and act. Even corporate office and cubicle spaces are getting harder to tell a part. It’s like we need some kind of Jedi knight [...]

Debunking sustainable living myths | WindowArt

Debunking sustainable living myths We have decided to debunk some typical sustainable living myths. We set the record straight on these four misconceptions: Myth 1: Sustainable living is an expensive practice. Going green in your home does require some capital outlay initially, but these investments typically pay for themselves within about two years by continuously [...]