Alternative energy: What it means for our country and our homes [infographic] | WindowArt

Alternative energy: What it means for our country and our homes [infographic] alternative energy According to Engineering News  wind energy is an ever-growing alternative energy source in South Africa. The South African Wind Energy Association (SAWEA) is touting that 2500 wind turbines should be operating around South Africa by 2020. With the world having just [...]

Singer Akon’s solar energy initiative empowers Africa | WindowArt

solar-energy “Now I can recharge my phone at home. I do not have to walk for hours or to pay for that.” Inhabitant, Village, Niger. This quote is taken directly off Akon Lighting Africa’s website  and really underpins the energy crisis in Africa. There is an estimated 600 million people all across rural communities in [...]

Energy-efficient glass and other green home tips | WindowArt

The ordinary, untreated glass used in the windows and doors in your home is wasting a lot of energy. This is because glass is notorious for transferring heat. South Africa needs to sit up and pay attention to the extensive energy wastage occurring due to the lack of energy-efficient glass. In South Africa we have [...]

Save the world with window decals | WindowArt

window decals Would you like to save the world?  Chances are, your answer will always be yes. Are you finding it difficult to maintain a green lifestyle? I assume that you have found various challenges along the way that have left you uninspired – one of those challenges possibly being that it can be a [...]

Green your home with sustainable building materials | WindowArt

More people are greening their homes to not only save money on electricity costs (and to be load shedding prepared), but also to reduce their impact on the environment around them. An eco-friendly approach to building a new property or doing renovations can however, be a costly exercise. But can we put a price on [...]

Energy generating solar film could soon be a reality | WindowArt

 Solar energy is not a new idea – it’s been successfully applied to many homes and offices in the form of solar panels, which supply them with water heating solutions and generating electricity. Recently, we have seen this type of energy harnessed through advanced technologies like the generation of electricity through solar film on glass. [...]

Modern homeowners go green | WindowArt

go green Making the effort to go green in your home used to be seen as a massive undertaking. However, recent trends have seen most homeowners adopt, at least some, eco-friendly initiatives in their homes. When you go green in your home you do so with a specific outcome in mind. Creating an environmentally friendly [...]

Case study: Milan’s vertical green building | WindowArt

window decals Situated in the north of Italy is the great city of Milan, regarded as the country’s capital of business, fashion, music and design. It’s home to the world renowned La Scala Opera house and the Galleria Vittorio Emmanuelle II, one of the world’s oldest shopping malls. And now it’s home to this innovativegreen [...]

Home makeover ideas for 2015 | WindowArt

home makeover ideas 2015 is almost upon us. Now is the time to start considering how you would like to update your style in the New Year. As fashion trends come and go so do home makeover ideas. Keeping up to date with the latest styles is one way of ensuring your home is always [...]

Energy Efficient Glass Windows with Vinyl Frosting | WindowArt

There are many ways for offices these days to reduce their carbon footprint and green their way of working. One simple way to do this is to relook the energy you waste through your glass features. The glass in windows and doors are notorious energy wasters but with Window Art’s vinyl frosting, you can enjoy [...]