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window film We get asked a lot of questions about our product and we’re glad to answer them. The window film application process isn’t that difficult to grasp, at the base level it entails installation of film onto a glass surface. A design can be chosen from our gallery and applied or a custom design [...]

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The specialists in high quality window vinyl that transforms any piece of glass into a contemporary natural light solution. Our product provides privacy for your home or business and an attractive alternative to curtains and blinds. For Home Window Art offers show-stopping designs that provide privacy yet let in natural light - view more solutions [...]

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Window film The installation we have showcased in the image above is of a residential home with window film installed on a staircase window. This house overlooks a busy main road in the suburb and the owners were after a window treatment that would offer privacy and look sophisticated, especially because the window is visible [...]

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heat reducing window film One of the great benefits of frosted window vinyl is that it helps with temperature control. It does this by slowing the transfer of heat through glass. Because frosted window vinyl is able to insulate windows and glass doors in this way, it is often referred to as heat reducing window [...]

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About Our Company Window Art is the leading vinyl frosting company in South Africa. Founded in 2005 by entrepreneur brothers Divan and Ruan Smit, it was the first company of its kind in the country and the first to offer this type of top quality glass frosting. After researching and trialling the very best products [...]

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Window film Businesses are constantly evolving, making an effort to improve their offering to their customers. Companies have become just as focused on their staff as they are on their customers, because mounting evidence shows that employee satisfaction equals productivity and profitability. It thus can be said that creating an optimal workspace that is underpinned [...]

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Home Design To be human, is to be curious. We always seek answers to questions, why – because we are inquisitive creatures. For this reason we decided to look back and see how far window film has come over the years. Window film has always been about blocking out unwanted solar heat The concept of [...]

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The possibilities for our window vinyl are endless, and our talented team can help you to maximise the impact of frosted glass doors or windows. Here’s how our fast and professional services works: 1. Browse Designs Take a look through our design gallery for inspiration. Use our pricing calculator to get a cost estimate. Estimates [...]

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Glass has become an accepted structural material and in the most modern houses or offices it is no longer simply used to create windows. Glass walls, doors and even elevators can be seen in personal homes as well as corporate or commercial structures. Glass is used to blur the lines between the outside and the [...]

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Window Film It's no secret that we have a love-hate (mostly hate) relationship at the mere mention of blinds,  for the simple fact that we know they can be practical (sometimes),  but they don't offer any other benefits. We have all turned into fussy shoppers who take more time to mill over a product before [...]