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Why vinyl art is the best thing since sandblasting | WindowArt

Vinyl art In 1870 the first sandblasting machine was built and since then decorative sandblasting has been used on glassed areas throughout many homes, offices and public buildings. Decorative sandblasting has remained a popular glass treatment, but it has its drawbacks that make it a tricky treatment to make use of. The drawbacks of decorative [...]

Why Window Decals? | WindowArt

Privacy Window Art provides a contemporary take on privacy glass with our high quality window vinyl frosting. Read more Heat reduction Vinyl slows the transfer of heat through the glass and filters 95% of UV rays, which fade furniture, carpets and curtains. Read more Natural lighting Enjoy all the benefits of natural lighting by adding [...]

FAQ’s: understanding window decals part 2 | WindowArt

window decals We’ve had so many questions lately about our window decals service and product offering that we couldn’t possibly fit it all on one blog, read on for more insight into our product offering and be sure to check out what others had to ask in part 1. Q: Can I pay cash on [...]

Job of Week: Vinyl lettering can advance your brand in 2015 | WindowArt

vinyl lettering This week’s featured completed job is one that showcases the frosted vinyl decals we installed for a company wanting some corporate branding in their offices. This is the office of a small pesticide manufacturing company. The accounts department often receives new clients and small farmers in the area who want to set up [...]

Why the best interior designers choose vinyl decals | WindowArt

Kitchens and bathrooms are the hottest rooms in the house this year, and the best interior designers are incorporating vinyl decals into home design to give these rooms a cosmopolitan edge. Kitchen remodels have been a big theme of home renovations over the past year, and this trend doesn’t show any signs of stopping. The [...]

Featured installation – create the perfect home office with vinyl decals | WindowArt

Vinyl decals As much as it is a pleasure to work from home, there are quite a few challenges that the home office brings with it. Keeping the home, office and head space separate is usually the biggest hurdle, but there are quite a few other things that can cause frustration. One of our clients, [...]

Brilliant Vinyl Decals for Functional Brainstorming | WindowArt

In contemporary office design and space planning, glass office dividers are and ever-popular choice. They provide much-needed privacy yet allow for natural light to filter through to the open plan office, plus for peaceful views of the outside world to be enjoyed. A glass-enclosed meeting room or boardroom can be as private as you want [...]

Vinyl decals caught in action | WindowArt

vinyl decals It’s hard to imagine anyone that doesn’t end their day off without watching a little telly. The question is, why do we love staring at a square box so much? The short answer is it’s pleasurable. We find our quick escapes and for a moment get instantly transported to another world. However, there [...]

Add your personal touch with vinyl art | WindowArt

The interior décor you choose for your home should reflect your personality. Creating a living space that showcases your likes, passions and quirks will make you feel a sense of happiness and comfort when you walk in the door. Because current home décor trends encourage homeowners to inject their personality into their homes, there is [...]

Window decals to wow your mother-in-law | WindowArt

window decals Your mother-in-law is coming to visit and whether you get on like a house on fire or agree to disagree on most things, you still want to create a good impression. We all tend to feel the pressure of playing host, especially when our in-laws come over. You want to ensure that your [...]