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April 25, 2017

Smart glass technology versus window decals | WindowArt

You shouldn’t compare yourself to the models in magazines, or compare your children to violin protégés, but in a consumer setting it’s not only human nature, it’s a consumer right. When choosing between products it’s good to compare. You need to be able to decide between different product features and identify which one will likely serve your consumer needs the best. That’s why we’ve pitted smart glass and window decals together to see which product deserves a place in your home.

What is smart glass?

Smart glass technology makes use of a variety of different scientific principles to change the visual aspect of glass panels. Some make use of liquid crystal displays that are sandwiched between electrical conductors, some use thermochromics smart glass  with light transmission filtered according to the amount of heat absorbed, and finally there’s electrochromic smart glass which is able to change its light transmission rate according to a supplied electrical current.

What are the limitations of smart glass?

Thermochromics smart glass properties make windows quite reflective, thus limiting the viewer’s ability to see through glass. therefore, its use is limited to skylights. Smart glass that makes use of liquid crystals requires a continuous supply of high voltage run in a transparent state, making this type of smart glass an energy waster. The tinting process can take up to 15 minutes, depending on the size of glass. To speed up the process, you could control it through your smartphone, laptop or any internet-connected device. Or you can rely on outdoor sensors to automatically tint your windows based on the climate outside.

Is there a place for smart glass technology in your home?

If this smart glass technology thing sounds too complicated for you, that’s because it is. So far the application of smart glass technology has been used for office buildings, hospitals and universities. According to the Urban Land magazine, “this has led architects, spurred by building codes and building owners that demand greener decisions, to increasingly incorporate smart windows in the sun-facing facades of commercial buildings.” The bottom line is smart glass technology is an unnecessary expense in your home.

How do window decals fair?

No matter what your needs are, our window decals will fulfill them. Whether you need window decals in your home office, bathroom, kitchen, or living room, We can even incorporate our film on mirror displays. Our window decals block out the sun’s glare and slow the transfer of heat through the glass, therefore it has the potential to reduce electricity usage by not having to rely on artificial light.

You can choose the level of opacity you want to achieve. To help you we will analyse your home environment and come to the best solution for your window design based on a number of home aesthetic aspects. For more information and to gain access to your own personal library of beautiful designs, download our window frosting inspiration guide.

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