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April 25, 2017

Our top five recommended interior design blogs | WindowArt

The web has become our go-to source of ideas for home renovations, and an abundant one at that. But it can be quite the challenge to find websites that really furnish you with truly unique (and doable) inspirations for sprucing up your abode. There are many bloggers that claim to know design, when in actual fact, they are just throwing around ideas of what they deem to be trendy. That’s why we have sifted through the internet to bring you our top five recommended interior design blogs to ensure you get only the best tips, tricks and trends.

  1. Design Milk

This award-winning blog is as fresh as it gets. Design Milk takes an in-depth and informed look at all aspects of home architecture, art, home technology and style, along with an array of columns to get your décor taste buds watering. Featured in some of the US’ top newspapers as a go-to source for interior design inspiration, as well as featuring on Twitter’s list of Art and Design influencers to follow, the blog gives you access to some incredible retailers. Design Milk is funded by advertisers and partners in the design industry, making for a reputable source of ‘vitamin D’ (Design).

  1. Design*Sponge

Soak up on some of the latest and most innovative design and décor ideas from Design*Sponge. The blog, run by acclaimed design magazine writer Grace Bonney, attracts some one million readers per day. The numbers speak for themselves, and the blog has been dubbed as a ‘Martha Stewart Living for the Millennials’ by the New York Times. Design*Sponge not only showcases unique interior designs from beautiful homes across the States, but also features lists of favourite interior design elements to help you create bespoke living areas.

  1. Designtripper

Arrive at your ultimate interior design destination with Designtripper. The blog takes a unique look at how design and travel interlink by peeking inside people’s homes across the globe. Designtripper creator and experienced interior design writer, Meghan McEwen, gives you the opportunity to take your interior design to new heights (and geographical locations) through her showcase of some of the most uniquely designed hotels, lodges, B&Bs, villas, and even tents and campervans. Steel some ideas for your home from a French splendour country house or a rental house in Mexico. The blog also takes a look at travel, food and kids.

  1. Dwell

We love this interior design blog for its realistic approach to home décor. Dwell looks at design being part of a home and not a picture perfect decorated and staged magazine page. As the blog so aptly states, ‘perfection is intimidating’ – Dwell showcases interior design of lived-in, comfortable homes and believes that good design is a part of daily life – an element that is excluded from design and décor magazines. You can expect to find ideas of modern designs, materials and methods to help create a realistic yet liveable home.

  1. Houzz

Find interior design inspiration for every area of your home from the Houzz. The blog was founded by Adi and Alon, who found it incredibly difficult to sift through stacks of magazines for ideas when remodelling their home. Enter the Houzz blog – an easy-to-use visual guide that covers every part of interior design, from the bathroom to lighting ideas. Houzz also features a nifty advice column to help you with some of your interior design hiccups. Browse through over eight million pictures of beautiful homes for some interior design inspiration.

Glass is an integral part of any interior design trend and deserves the same attention to detail as any other element of your décor style. At Window Art, we are dedicated to help you make the most of the glass elements in your home by incorporating our unique window decals as part of you interior design. For some ideas on how you can bring your glass to life with our window decals, download our free Home Renovations Guide.

Image Credit: www.decoradvisor.net