Our featured installation showcases custom frosted glass | WindowArt

Frosted Window Film for Contemporary Glass Design
April 25, 2017

Our featured installation showcases custom frosted glass | WindowArt

The image above is of a custom-designed vinyl decal for a little boy’s bedroom. The homeowner is the parent of a six-year-old little boy who has an insatiable love for cars. The door of his bedroom opens up onto the balcony on the first floor of the home, so the owner wanted to ensure that his son had the privacy he needs but could also enjoy the benefits of having a glass door and some exciting décor.

This custom frosted glass is an excellent example of the vinyl art we are adept at creating to suit our clients specific needs.

This client, like many others, came to us to enquire if we could create something unique that would still be able to suit their needs. The little boy, whose room this glass door belongs to, wanted a car-themed bedroom and he chose the type of car design he wanted for his custom frosted glass. We were able to easily create the vinyl art to replicate this design and then pair it with various other frosted decals to attend to privacy and lighting needs.

The homeowner wanted to be sure that his son’s privacy needs were met considering the door faces the outside.

This custom frosted glass design covers the majority of the glass in frosting. The transparent areas are few and far between, which means that the boy’s bedroom is in no way exposed. The frosting is opaque and remains that way even when it is night time and the lights are switched on in his bedroom.

An added benefit to custom frosted glass being used in this little boy’s bedroom is the natural lighting that is allowed to spill in through the frosted areas. Frosted vinyl decals allow for 93% of the natural lighting to stream inside which means that the natural lighting is maximised which diminishes the need for artificial lighting.

If you would like to find out more about creating custom frosted glass and vinyl art for your home please don’t hesitate to contact Window Art directly. To see more of our installations and designs consider our Frosting Inspirations Guide.