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April 25, 2017

Living room ideas that will make Santa feel at home | WindowArt

Picture a living room with a fireplace, Christmas tree with lights and decorations hanging from the walls or bookshelves … beautiful, isn’t it?  The living room is the centre stage for Santa’s arrival, so it should be your aim this festive season to incorporate living room ideas that will make Santa feel welcome.

When thinking about living room ideas for Christmas what would a festive living room be without a Christmas tree? So start there, you probably have your Christmas ornaments boxed up somewhere, waiting to be let loose. Decorate your tree as much as you want, don’t be afraid to give it all you’ve got.

Next up…

Offer Santa  some eye candy …

Give Santa something to look at no matter where his eyes may fall. Repetition is an effective decorative device. Try positioning mini Christmas trees in every available space around the room. The small beaded ones you buy from roadside sellers will make great table gifts on Christmas day itself. And then, of course, there are the traditional figures we always associate with Christmas … the nutcracker, a mini nativity scene or multiple Santa Claus figurines.

Santa likes to see your family.

Create homemade ornaments using mini picture frames  of your family members add a bow off the top and you’re ready to place them on the Christmas tree. If Santa should find a picture of himself on your tree, you’ll get a few bonus points for that, I’m sure.

Think about what living room ideas would work best in your space.

Take the colour of your walls into consideration before investing in new decorations. If your walls are a shade of green for example, consider choosing primarily red (green’s complementary calendar) for your decorations will help them stand out. Or if you have blue walls, white decorations or a white Christmas tree will look fantastic against that wall colour.

Have a glass door or room divider in your living room? Well you don’t want Santa to accidentally bump into it and end up with a minor concussion. You can use a fun and seasonal vinyl decals to spruce up the space and make the glass clearly visible. Or, for something completely different, add a Christmas vinyl decals to your glass coffee table, top it with milk and cookies and you’re bound to make it onto Santa’s “nice” list come 25 December.

Changing small items, makes a big difference.

You don’t have to spend heaps of money to make Santa feel at home, the simplicity of this living room idea only takes about a minute to execute. Change up the colours of your throw pillows on your couch, by using red-wine and velvet colours. Wrap white lights around any plants that you may have in the living room. 

Try out as many living room ideas  as you like or mix it up, this is your playground. Thinking of other home renovation ideas? Subscribe to our home renovations guide to get insightful tips to turn you into a world-renowned designer.

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