Job of the week: window decals replace glass sandblasting in Cape Town home | WindowArt

Frosted Window Film for Contemporary Glass Design
April 25, 2017

Job of the week: window decals replace glass sandblasting in Cape Town home | WindowArt

Sandblasting in Cape Town is a popular décor choice for many homes. The frosted effect of sandblasting provides an attractive alternative to traditional window coverings such as blinds and curtains.

A similar frosted effect can be achieved by applying frosted window vinyl to windows, as seen here. We love the beautiful frosted window vinyl decals that this client opted to have installed instead of choosing sandblasting in Cape Town.

This unusual round window looks out onto the garden from the client’s lounge. In the lounge, the television is positioned against the opposite wall, facing the window. Because of this, the glare through the window reflected brightly off of the television screen, making it impossible to watch television. However, the client didn’t want to put curtains or blinds over this window, as both window coverings would ruin the porthole-style effect of the window.

Installing frosted vinyl decals means that you can block out annoying glare without the need for curtains and blinds. As an added bonus, frosted vinyl decals still let in 93% of natural light, so installing vinyl decals won’t plunge your home into darkness.

From the outside, these window decals create an attractive effect that complements the slightly Grecian-inspired exterior. The delicate and intricate design contrasts beautifully against the textured finish of the wall.

There are several reasons why this client chose to install frosted window vinyl decals instead of using sandblasting in their Cape Town home. Window vinyl is quick and easy to install, whereas sandblasting requires having your window panes removed in order to be treated at a factory off-site. This process is hugely inconvenient and being windowless makes your home a prime target for burglars.

Because it requires removing the top layer of your glass surface, sandblasting also weakens your glass. The application of window vinyl, on the other hand, actually makes glass shatterproof. This is a great bonus safety feature.

Another notable benefit of installing frosted window vinyl decals instead of sandblasting in Cape Town is that UV rays can’t penetrate window vinyl. With South Africa’s hot, sunny climate, protecting yourself, your family and your furnishings from the sun is a top priority.

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