Job of the week: privacy glass for an outdoor office | WindowArt

Frosted Window Film for Contemporary Glass Design
April 25, 2017

Job of the week: privacy glass for an outdoor office | WindowArt

The installation we are featuring this week is situated on a private smallholding where the owners keep horses and offer horse riding lessons. The particular structure of this building is interesting as it is a rondawel that is situated near the horses’ stables. The building is used as an office where fees and bookings are handled.

A rondawel is circular as it is a westernised version of an African mud hut. To achieve this, the builders have created this office in a hexagonal shape. Each one of the flat sides making up the hexagon has a floor-to-ceiling window. The windows were installed in order to give the office as much natural lighting as possible.

The client had a number of concerns that needed to be met. They considered various different ideas before settling on frosted window vinyl decals.

This client needed a privacy glass solution that was low maintenance.

The client did not feel that curtains or blinds would be a good idea for these windows considering the amount of dust, hay and dirt that would enter the office from the stables and the riders. Curtains – and blinds even more so – would prove to be a cleaning nightmare. A solution that was easy to clean was of top priority.

Our solution: frosted window vinyl decals are very easy to clean and do not trap grease, grime and dirt.

It was imperative that the privacy glass met the level of privacy necessary.

This client needed a privacy solution that would be just as good as curtains or blinds, due to monies changing hands and financial records being kept in the office.

Our solution: frosted window vinyl decals offer absolute and customised privacy, day and night.

The cost implications of a privacy glass installation needed to be at a minimum.

When the client decided to frost the windows, the cost and upheaval involved with decorative sandblasting was simply too much. Not only does the actual exercise of decorative sandblasting result in expensive labour costs but it also requires removing the glass panes and reinstalling them after treatment.

Plus, this client needed six windows to be treated and a front door with a glass pane insert.

Our solution: frosted window vinyl decals are extremely cost-effective and the glass does not need to be removed and treated off-site.

The client wanted a comfortable office environment that would not become unbearable in the summer heat.

The client specifically wanted an office environment that would not be uncomfortable to work in during the height of summer.

Our solution: frosted window vinyl decals are insulating, keeping the space warm in winter and cooler in summer.

We were successfully able to meet all the needs of this client. We even designed a simple and appealing decal that breaks up the solid frosting without diminishing privacy.

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