Job of the week: Frosted windows for a small eatery | WindowArt

Frosted Window Film for Contemporary Glass Design
April 25, 2017

Job of the week: Frosted windows for a small eatery | WindowArt

The installation we are featuring this week is of frosted vinyl decals designed specifically for a small eatery in an industrial business park.

The owner of this eatery wanted to install some branding on their windows and glass doors.

The eatery is situated amongst offices and offers a variety of quick take-away foods. The eatery is not easily identified as they are not allowed big signage and may only advertise their offering by branding their doors and windows. The establishment can be accessed via a front entryway or the back door (the image above shows the back entry) and the back door faces the stairwell that leads to an underground parking area.

The owner wanted custom-designed branding that would entice patrons from the high foot traffic in the business park.

The owner of the eatery wanted a unique graphic design that would indicate to any passersby exactly what their business was. The image of the back door above shows the custom-designed frosted decals that turned these frosted windows into decorative advertising for everyone who walked up from the underground car park.

As the eatery has two entryways created predominantly by glass doors and windows, an element of privacy needed to be accounted for.

The entryway windows are almost entirely frosted, which gives the eatery a high-level of privacy.  Any patrons sitting at the tables and chairs inside can eat their lunch without being spied by the outsiders – this allows for a more comfortable setting for those who like to eat their lunch away from their desks.

The frosted windows and doors allow for the maximising of natural light and have diminished the need for the lights to be switched on.

As the eatery operates during daytime hours only, the frosted windows and doors allow for them to use predominantly natural light to illuminate the interior. Frosted windows and doors allow for up to 93% of natural light to stream in and this has curbed their electricity usage substantially. 

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