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April 25, 2017

How to be your own interior designer | WindowArt

Most of us want our homes to be a pleasurable place to live in. A refuge when we come from work, an entertainment hub when we’re hosting parties and everything in-between. We uphold the highest expectations when it comes to our homes, because we want to feel proud of it. You know what you want better than anyone, so here’s how to take control of the interior design of your home and get it looking immaculate.

A beautifully designed home does not happen overnight

Before you start anything in life you need a clear goal. According to The Emporium, rooms that look timeless are a result of intention, planning, calculation and listening. It takes hard work to create masterpieces, why should decorating your home be any different? Before you start decorating, think about the theme you want to create. Match your personality with your home interiors, for instance, if you are a tranquil personal at heart, keep your home clean and organised and make use of light brown hues. For more information on how to match your personality with your interior, follow this comprehensive guide by Merkani; an inspirational blog on interior design.

A crash course on the basics of interior design

As any interior designer will tell you, it’s important to think of your home as a totality; a series of spaces linked together. This is why keeping to a single theme throughout the house makes sense. It doesn’t mean that every room needs to be exactly the same, you can use opposite elements to compliment each other. To put a room together, you first need to understand some of the terminology:

  • Balance: According to Hatch Design balance is “achieved by distributing the visual weight of objects within a space to achieve a feeling of equilibrium.” If you make use of complex décor elements, it will make the room feel heavier and should be complemented with less heavy items. For instance, a cream coloured sofa paired with an elaborate floral throw pillow.
  • Focal point: Every room should have a focal point that your eye will be drawn to immediately, but still connects to the rest of the room. Whether it’s a natural focal point like a fireplace or one you’ve created like an oversized artwork display, its main function is to entice the viewer to look further in the room. A quick way to create a focal point in any room is to incorporate a piece of furnishing that is another colour or pattern style.
  • Rule of threes: Items that are arranged in odd numbers are more appealing to us. According to Apartment Therapy, “three seems to be the magic number,” but five, seven or nine will work just as well. Three is an easily distinguishable pattern for our brains and it’s easier for our eyes to move around a set of three items, creating a “more interesting visual experience.” So, use this principle when hanging items on the wall or placing ornaments on a coffee table.
  • Rhythm: The same way a musician has to stick to a beat, interior designers have to ensure continuity in your home. This is accomplished by repeating the same pattern, colour or textures. Use progression by scaling up appropriately, for instance, make use of a cluster of candles that grow proportionately in size or use contrast by placing a black and white pillow on your sofa.
  • Negative space: This refers to the space in a room that is left unoccupied. At times the ‘less is more’ approach to interior design is called for. A space not filled to the brim with stuff speaks for itself. According to Apartment Therapy, “expertly executed negative space can bring much-needed calmness to certain rooms and make other design elements pop even more powerfully.”
  • Attention to detail: If interior designers had a superpower, this would be it. Train yourself to spot when something’s a miss, or just doesn’t work in the space – no matter how minute.

What to do when your windows are the focal point of the room

At times your windows end up outshining everything else in the room. To do them justice, help them stand out even more using our elegant frosted glass. It will look like you received a visit from an interior designer with our opulent frosted glass on display in your home. For more information, please feel free to download our home renovations guide for your viewing pleasure.

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