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April 25, 2017

Hottest office design trends 2014 | WindowArt

Office design trends in 2014 are all about flexibility, interactivity and creativity. Here are some of the hottest office design trends we’re seeing:

Bright, bold colours are big this year.

Traditionally, office décor was bland and boring. Subdued colour schemes – think white walls and grey carpets – were the norm. Thankfully, office design has progressed and transformed into something that embraces, rather than shuns, colour and creativity.

Hot office design trends in 2014 are embracing bright, bold colour schemes in a big way. Yep – that means anything from hot pink to electric blue is in with a chance. The thinking behind this trend is that brighter colours lift workers’ moods and inspire creativity. Of course, the idea that colours affect our moods is nothing new. Some studies have shown that incorporating the colour red into your décor scheme can help raise the energy level of a room. Yellow is widely considered to be the colour of cheerfulness, while blue is thought to have a calming effect on people. Use these guidelines to pick the right colours for your office.

When incorporating bright, bold colours into your office décor scheme, it’s important to balance all that colour out with some neutral shades. The neutral, understated tint of frosted window vinyl makes it the ideal window covering choice for brightly painted interiors.

It’s worth remembering that colours always look their best in natural light. Because frosted window vinyl lets in 93% of natural light, choosing to install vinyl decals instead of blinds will ensure that you get the most out of those bright, bold colours.

Modern office design trends in 2014 aim to promote informal collaboration.

You can kiss claustrophobic cubicles and boxy private offices goodbye – modern office design is all about open-plan layouts that encourage collaboration, connection and movement.

Even meeting rooms are evolving; modern office design trends are embracing the idea of informal collaboration areas over formal meeting rooms. These collaboration areas can take the form of a cluster of beanbags or a few comfortable couches. The idea is that this setup encourages workers to have spontaneous ‘meetings’ and brainstorming sessions with their colleagues in a relaxed and comfortable manner.

While informal meeting areas are great for encouraging spontaneous collaboration between employees, it might be a good idea to retain at least one formal meeting room for those sensitive meeting that require a little extra privacy.

One way to give meeting rooms a level of privacy without detracting from the fluid, open-plan feel of your office is to use glass walls treated with frosted window vinyl. This way, your ultra-modern, discreet meeting room will be filled with natural light and occupants won’t feel as though they’re completely cut off from the rest of the office.

Frosted vinyl decals also provide a fun opportunity to introduce an artistic, creative edge to your office décor. Instead of choosing to solidly frost the entire meeting room wall, choose a decal with a fun, funky design to jazz things up.

Blur the lines between work and play.

Modern office design and décor styles recognise the value of relaxation and play. Break areas are becoming more prominent, giving staff a comfortable space to unwind and recharge their mental batteries. Taking frequent, short breaks does wonders for employees’ ability to concentrate throughout the workday. Break areas can take the form of a few comfy couches with a few ‘stress toys’ on offer, like Rubik’s Cubes, mini basketball, board games or even a pool table.

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