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Frosted Window Film for Contemporary Glass Design
April 25, 2017

Home Renovations | WindowArt

Home renovations can prove to be an expensive exercise that causes a lot of upheaval and discomfort in your home. You deserve to have the home of your dreams though, that will bring you joy and excellent resale value in the future.

Glass is one of the primary building materials used in home renovations design and modern design and it has become a feature element in any home and should be a big part of your home renovations plans. An excellent way to up the ante of your interior design in your home is to play with glass design.

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Window Art can offer you a design element that blends affordability and style. Our frosted window vinyl decals replicate the look of etched glass but with more benefits and without the permanency. Furthermore we will create a finish to your design specifications and personal taste that will fit in perfectly with your home renovations plans.

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