Glass Art: Here’s the low-down on our new product | WindowArt

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April 25, 2017

Glass Art: Here’s the low-down on our new product | WindowArt

Glass is being used in an artistc way in many a home and office alike. Because of this, Window Art has expanded their offering to include a purely aesthetic and exciting décor product called Glass Art.

Glass Art is a unique take on including art in your environment.

Glass Art is easily created and stands out as a bespoke piece of art in your environment. You have many different options when it comes to this new product of ours as we are happy to create a product to your specific requirements.

Glass Art can be created to suit any taste and style.

We are able to create a piece of vinyl with any type of image you would like. This means that you can choose from the range of free Shutterstock images available online or you can send through a personal photograph or design that you would like us to use to create your artistic piece. The image is printed on vinyl and placed onto a pane of glass which is then mounted for display. Our Glass Art product is available in the regular TV sizes and is mounted to the wall with steel reinforced bolts.

Glass Art has some functional attributes in the work environment.

In the office environment Glass Art can be most useful. If you want to create a orgonagram of your company or market your leading products, you could have your team and products showcased on glass panes. What’s more, you can add a sophisticated décor element to your boardrooms and executive office suites.

Glass Art will last you a lifetime.

By making use of Glass Art you can rest assured that your artistic décor element will last a lifetime and require little to no maintenance. The pieces won’t fade or be marked, in fact they will suffer little to no damage and will remain a long-lasting artistic addition to your work environment.

To find out more about Glass Art please contact Window Art directly. Alternatively, you can browse through out Glass Art catalogue here and have a look through the range of ShutterStock images here.

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