Window Art provides the contemporary way to decorate your windows while enjoying privacy, an abundance of natural light and insulation benefits. It’s the contemporary glass alternative to curtains and blinds, and proving popular with those living in estates – where neighbours can see into your home – or with businesses wanting to create a great working environment free from excessive glare or heat.

Here are the many reasons to choose Window Art for a sleek, contemporary and unfussy look:

  • Make the most of stunning views or hide imperfect views.
  • Timeless, expensive look of frosted glass, without damaging or weakening the glass – as sandblasting does.
  • Frosted window film is heat and moisture-proof so perfect for kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Window film does not block light.
  • Stunning designs to choose from or create your own custom design.
  • Designs are easy to change so you can play around with different themes every so often.
  • Wash windows less often as frosting masks rain and water marks well.
  • Frosted window film significantly reduce the glare of the sun, helping staff work better without added eye strain or home owners relax while watching TV.

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