Featured installation: The power of using window decals as an office billboard | WindowArt

Frosted Window Film for Contemporary Glass Design
April 25, 2017

Featured installation: The power of using window decals as an office billboard | WindowArt

Brand agencies are increasingly trying to set themselves apart, to the point of making a sport of it. A well-known brand agency has just won a prestigious award and found themselves in the enviable position of having so many awards they were running out of shelf space. Their tireless ambition and drive has set them apart in the brutally competitive advertising world, but this was not enough for them, they wanted everyone to know they are the best.

So we did what we do best

It was management’s intention from the start to thank their staff for their hard work by treating them to something different in the office. They approached Window Art to come up  with a creative office solution. Window decals were added to the main entrance of the building on a partitioned glass right behind the receptionist. A field of flowers were used, their slogan added in the the middle as well as a list, in bullet points, of their prestigious awards. Plenty of space was left underneath so that more awards could be added as they receive them.

A creative solution in line with their corporate strategy

This solution was the perfect fit for their corporate strategy. Restructuring in the office has now become the norm, as companies try various tactics to keep employees engaged. Another important strategy is to show employees the progress your company is making, being that they’re in the creative industry using window decals as a billboard suits the company, because they aren’t only being creative, but broadcasting a message to employees and visitors. Sort of like hitting two birds with one stone.

Remember their employees aren’t the only ones that will see the billboard

Anyone entering the office will be able to see the window decals, for instance, a potential employee waiting in reception for an interview – will see the window decals and it will make them enthusiastic to work there, or clients that have dropped by for a tea and a chat, the billboard showcasing their awards will reinforce their decision to do business with them. 

Frosted window film used in the office is a excellent morale booster. Using them instantly adds a sense of sophistication that not only tells others you know what you’re doing, but that you’re the industry leaders. By using frosted window film people can see that you’ve gone out of your way to make your office comfortable and unique. Contact us today and let us see how we can offer creative solutions in your workspace.