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There are many ways for offices these days to reduce their carbon footprint and green their way of working. One simple way to do this is to relook the energy you waste through your glass features. The glass in windows and doors are notorious energy wasters but with Window Art’s vinyl frosting, you can enjoy great cost and energy saving benefits:

  • Frosting filters 95% of UV rays which fade carpets and curtains.
  • Vinyl saves energy by keeping out summer’s heat, slowing the transfer of heat through the glass.
  • Similarly, it helps to retain warmth in winter – slowing the transfer of heat to the outside.
  • It softens harsh sunlight by diffusing the glare, allowing just the right amount of light into a room.
  • It lets in 93% of natural light whereas blinds only let in 75-80% of light.
  • Natural light adds to a comfortable, efficient working environment.

Interested in installing window vinyl frosting in your business or office? Then use our easy Pricing Calculator to work out an estimate or read up more about How it works.