Cape Homemakers Expo 2016 highlights | WindowArt

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April 25, 2017

Cape Homemakers Expo 2016 highlights | WindowArt

What could I possibly say about the Cape Homemakers Expo to do it justice? Firstly, it’s a brilliant platform to unwind, socialise and meet new people surrounded by lavish, extravagant, and extraordinary décor. There’s great food, wine, coffee and prizes to be won. We can’t stop raving about it and are bursting at the seams to share expo insights and pieces that caught our eye at the Cape Homemakers Expo this past week.

Room 13 Collection

The Room 13 Collection showcased warm and inviting textile prints for cushions and wallpapers. I overheard a woman whisper when she was feeling the fabric that it felt like she had died and gone to heaven. They’ve developed their designs over a period of three years by compiling concepts and ideas, tailored by their designers and art directors. Visit their showroom here.

Display Wine

Display Wine, a decorative display wine storage company had their VinKube stackable wine rack on display and everyone wanted to get an eyeful. They offer large scale wine storage solutions for the absolute wine enthusiast with a dedicated cellar. If you want your wine cellar to be a decorative centerpiece, then they’re the guys to speak to.

Jan Jax Interiors

Jan Jax Interiors proudly displayed their signature ottomans in classic grey, white and black. What makes these ottomans unique is the fact that they are completely recycled. The product starts from a recycled tyre and is finished off with recycled rope. They’re a truly inspirational décor company that’s reducing the risk of tyres polluting our environment. And it’s especially significant for Cape Town, home to such beautiful natural surroundings.

Pure Creations

If you like bird motifs then you would’ve been stuck at Pure Creations’ stand at the Cape Homemakers Expo. Visitors’ senses took flight, with birds in photo frames, on throw pillows, on ceramics and as decorative lighting displays.

Ambiente Luce

Ambiente Luce, creators of hand-crafted lights, had their elegant pendants on display across the CTICC. Their Copenhagen piece, made up of 17 shades and 3 downlights, was featured at one of the Homemaker’s Delis and in Misi Overturf’s design feature in the Homemakers design challenge.

Hemmesphere lighting

Another lighting company featured at the Homemakers Expo was Hemmesphere lighting. With their innovative lighting fixtures that cast light in creative ways, reminiscent of a disco ball.

De Kleipot

De Kleipot is a tile company that produces wall, outdoor and garden vintage tiles. What made them stand out is their beautiful display of tiles painted with such detail. The company employs a specialised team of craftsmen to individually hand-paint each tile. Visitors couldn’t resist the urge to enjoy these little masterpieces up close.

Couldn’t catch our window frosting display at the Expo?

Once again we had a blast at the Cape Homemakers Expo and can’t wait to do it again next year. If you couldn’t catch us there, take a look at our window frosting catalogue right now. And don’t forget that if you need pure décor and design inspiration check in with us again, our blogs are jam-packed with information.

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