Can glass graphics replace blinds? | WindowArt

Frosted Window Film for Contemporary Glass Design
April 25, 2017

Can glass graphics replace blinds? | WindowArt

Frosted glass graphics are an attractive, no-fuss alternative to blinds and curtains. In fact, using frosted window vinyl on your windows instead of blinds comes with a host of benefits.

You can get creative.

Choosing to install glass graphics on your home’s windows instead of blinds really allows you to get creative. While most window vinyl suppliers will have a gallery of ‘ready to go’ designs and ideas for you to choose from, you can also work with the designer to come up with your own unique custom design. Perhaps you’d like to have your family crest worked into your glass graphics, or simply embellish your windows and doors with an artistic pattern. Whether you prefer the classic, elegant look or like to make a statement with off-beat décor, glass graphics can accommodate your personal style.

Frosted window vinyl allows for a clean, contemporary look, whereas blinds and curtains can often look old fashioned or untidy.

Glass graphics are easy to clean, unlike blinds.

Perhaps one of the most noteworthy pleasures of dressing your windows with glass graphics is that they are so easy to clean. Just a quick wipe with normal window cleaner is all it takes to keep your frosted windows in pristine condition.

Blinds, on the other hand, are notoriously difficult to clean. Blinds made from wood, plastic, metal or fabric all collect grime and dust and are fiddly to clean as it is tricky and time-consuming to properly scrub in between each slat. When it comes to curtains, cleaning is an even bigger job, requiring you to take the curtains down to wash and dry them – no mean feat if you have particularly large curtains. On top of it all, too often do you wash your curtains and then realise that you’ve broken or lost half of the curtain hooks in the process.

Glass graphics cut out glare and provide privacy without blocking out natural light.

Frosted glass graphics applied to windows won’t shut out all natural light. The beauty of frosted window vinyl is that it allows you to enjoy natural light while eliminating annoying glare.

At the same time, frosted window decals allow you to decide the level of privacy you need. Glass graphics done in ‘negative’ format allow you to frost the entire pane of glass – or as large an area as you desire – leaving just your graphic or design as clear glass. This is perfect for those rooms you would like to keep more private – such as bathrooms or bedrooms – or for windows that are near the TV or computer screens where glare needs to be avoided.

Because blinds are largely made from solid materials, most closed blinds block out all natural light and require you to use artificial lighting inside. This is unfortunate when you desire privacy but would like to still enjoy natural light. Half-opening blinds may let in more light, but unfortunately will also create glare.

Blinds are fiddly, break easily and fade in the sun.

Blinds are prone to break easily. A strong gust of wind or a tangled lift cord when you are in a hurry can be all it takes to damage your blinds. Blinds and curtains also fade in the sun and become washed-out and unattractive.

Frosted vinyl glass graphics, on the other hand, are built to last a lifetime and will not peel off, fade or deteriorate. Even better, window film actually makes your glass stronger by making it shatterproof.

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