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Privacy Glass with Vinyl Frosting

Window Art provides a contemporary take on privacy glass with our high quality window vinyl frosting. We offer a great compromise between the views you want to enjoy and the areas you want to shield from prying eyes. Choose Window Art’s vinyl frosting for your windows – backed by a 10-year guarantee – and enjoy [...]

Insulated Window Glass is a Benefit of Vinyl Frosting

With South Africa’s great climate of warm summers and cold winters, insulating your home or work place is an important consideration. An eco-friendly and attractive way to do this is to add elegant window vinyl frosting to your windows and doors. It’s an attractive alternative to blinds, curtains and shutters, and you’ll have a wide [...]

Vinyl Frosting for Energy Efficient Glass Windows

The glass in windows and doors are notorious energy wasters but with Window Art’s vinyl frosting, you can enjoy great cost and energy saving benefits. Our top quality frosting makes the most of energy efficient glass windows and doors: It saves energy by keeping out summer's heat. It helps to retain warmth in winter. It [...]

High Quality Window Frosting

Beware of inferior products – Window Art was the first company in South Africa to offer top quality window frosting (imported from Belgium) and is still considered the leading suppliers and installers of this innovative product. We pride ourselves on our expert advice, professional service and glowing reviews. You’ll see a number of positive testimonials [...]

Frosted Window Film for Contemporary Glass Design

Window Art provides the contemporary way to decorate your windows while enjoying privacy, an abundance of natural light and insulation benefits. It’s the contemporary glass alternative to curtains and blinds, and proving popular with those living in estates – where neighbours can see into your home – or with businesses wanting to create a great [...]

Modern Glass Design with Vinyl Window Frosting | WindowArt

Window Art provides the contemporary way to decorate your clients’ windows, doors, meeting spaces and boardrooms. With today’s trend for open plan living with an airy, light feeling, modern glass plays a big role. Offer your clients the option of top quality window frosting and they’ll enjoy a host of benefits: They will get a [...]

Top Quality Vinyl Frosting for Window Treatments | WindowArt

With Window Art’s top quality vinyl frosting, you can provide your clients with window treatments that not only look upmarket and elegant but also come with a multitude of great benefits: Vinyl makes any type of smooth glass shatterproof, offering some protection from vandalism and extreme weather. Have the timeless, premium look of sandblasting at a [...]

Why the best interior designers choose vinyl decals | WindowArt

Kitchens and bathrooms are the hottest rooms in the house this year, and the best interior designers are incorporating vinyl decals into home design to give these rooms a cosmopolitan edge. Kitchen remodels have been a big theme of home renovations over the past year, and this trend doesn’t show any signs of stopping. The [...]

Vinyl Window Frosting for Temperature Control | WindowArt

The perfect temperature plays a huge role in the happiness of your work force. Air conditioning can keep everyone working in a pleasant indoor climate but can also mean huge electricity bills. That’s why architects and interior designers favour buildings with a lot of glass features – doors, windows, skylights and more – which make [...]

Vinyl Window Frosting for Internal Marketing | WindowArt

Internal communications is a crucial part of a business strategy to keep staff informed and educated. Effective internal communication is essential for the smooth running of your business, both to convey your company culture and values and to stay on top of employee concerns. A handy way to share news is to make full use of all the glass [...]