How Window Film Works

The possibilities for our window vinyl are endless, and our talented team can help you to maximise the impact of frosted glass doors or windows. Here’s how our fast and professional services works: 1. Browse Designs Take a look through our design gallery for inspiration. Use our pricing calculator to get a cost estimate. Estimates [...]

Vinyl Frosting Alternatives to Shutters

Aluminium shutters have gained popularity over the last few years for their obvious good looks and security benefits but in terms of privacy and letting natural light through, Window Art has an easier and equally attractive solution. A simple, top quality colourless film that goes on existing glass windows and doors, our product is guaranteed [...]

Heat Reducing Window Film

In South Africa’s sunny climate, it’s important to know that you can soak up the rays when you want but also block the worst of a summer’s heat. With Window Art’s vinyl heat-reducing window film, you’ll get an attractive alternative to blinds, curtains and shutters, with a wide range of etching designs to choose from [...]

Vinyl Window Frosting Offers UV Protection

Window Art’s window vinyl frosting has many benefits including heat reduction, insulation and glare reduction, but did you know that our vinyl frosting can also offer UV protection? Being indoors behind glass windows or doors does not necessarily mean that you’re safe from UV rays. UV rays streaming through your windows not only fade your [...]

Vinyl Window Frosting for Temporary Branding

Vinyl frosting not only looks great but is very versatile in terms of application too, making it perfect for any type of temporary branding. Whether you are opening a pop-up boutique or restaurant, renting a temporary office space or running a promotion in glass-panelled area in a shopping mall, you can have fun with classy-looking [...]

Vinyl Frosting Alternatives to Curtains & Blinds

Love the view but feel a bit exposed to the outside world peeking into your home? Now there is a more attractive option for privacy – and without the expense of old-fashioned curtains and blinds. With Window Art’s top quality window vinyl frosting you’ll enjoy a world of attractive opportunities and fun ideas. Decide on [...]

Custom Vinyl Frosted Glass Designs

Window Art’s expert design service means that you can have any etched motif that you can think of, with the look of frosted glass. Whether it’s your family crest on a door, your logo on a meeting room wall, a world map in your study or the Cape Town skyline on a shower enclosure, we [...]

Anti-Glare Film for Windows

Every home or office these days will have a multitude of TV screens, monitors and computers. If these are situated in light-filled rooms, the glare of the sun can (literally) be a big headache. Window Art’s anti-glare film significantly reduces the glare of the sun, making it comfortable to work or watch TV near uncovered [...]

Vinyl Frosting Alternatives to Sandblasting on Glass

However, sandblasting remains a labour intensive and messy procedure. It permanently alters the state of your glass, cannot be performed on site and doesn’t offer many of the benefits that window vinyl frosting. Here’s why our top quality product is a better alternative to sandblasting on glass: Vinyls are quick and easy to fix to [...]

Vinyl Window Frosting for Glare-Free Natural Lighting

In today’s home and office design, we utilise more glass than ever before. The main reason for this is a move to allowing for more natural lighting, which saves on the high costs of lighting and air conditioning. As a home or business owner, you can now enjoy all the benefits of natural lighting by [...]